What Is Platinum Wealth?

PlatinumWealth.co.za is a South African consumer finance information and discussion website founded by myself, Erik Thiart in February 2016 with the aim of providing free financial information and journalistic financial articles enabling South Africans to save money.

Using an anonymous user name can be beneficial when you work in an intense industry such as the JSE where disclosing one’s thoughts publicly can violate contracts with clients and employers. The ability for South African banking and finance professionals to weigh in with their own expertise on topics that they might not freely discuss on Facebook is truly a way to get a more complete picture of issues and trends in the financial world and South Africa's economy.


Platinum Wealth is one of South Africa’s largest independent money websites and is also independently funded with no advertisements to external content.


The website also has a journalistic Newswire where prominant South African companies post financial insights and articles. If your company would like to join the financial Newswire then you can contact us here.

Investment Clubs

Platinumwealth.co.za has developed a process of communication aimed specifically at investment clubs with members across South Africa.

The websites consists of hidden sections that only the members of each club they belong to are able to see with some resources shared amongst the clubs to help each other.

The website is committed to creating a culture of investing in South Africa using investment clubs as the vehicle to train and educate people.

The Platinum Wealth Investment club consists of members residing from Cape Town all the way to Pretoria. Each member paid R1000 to join the club and the monthly contribution is R255 per month.

We also made a bunch of material available to the public for educational purposes showing the thought process that went into the decisions that was made in the club to serve as an example for other clubs in South Africa. You can read the Club FAQ for more information.

Finance E-books:

In January 2017 a discussion was started on the Platinumwealth forum on how to start investing on the JSE. I took the initiative to collaborate with industry experts and wrote a comprehensive E-book on how to invest on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) aimed specifically at the layman.

The book serves as a easy to understand guide touching on how to choose a bank account and budget accordingly all the way to using a trusted broker to buy stocks.

The E-book features the South African unit trust provider Sygnia and the low cost broker EasyEquities.

You can download my E-book for free: How to Invest - The Beginner's Guide

Finance Forums

The website has forums dedicated to investing and personal finance. The main aim of the forums is to create a space where people can ask financial questions without fear or upfront costs.

Some of the forums enabled a sort of consumer advocacy to voice their disagreement and frustration with some of the larger financial intuitions.

Since its launch, Platinumwealth has expanded its forums to include discussion on other financial topics such as Cryptocurrencies, banking and credit cards.


In February 2017 I added a section entirely dedicated to cryptocurrencies and most notably Platinum Wealth was one of the first online forums in South Africa to add a dedicated section for cryptocurrencies.

The forum attracted representatives from South Africa’s largest Bitcoin exchange Luno to participate on the forum alongside South Africa’s largest Ethereum exchange Ice3X also having an active presence on the forum.


To join Platinum Wealth is free and you can register with your E-mail address, Google Account and Twitter.

Register on Platinum Wealth


This information is purely educational - if you are unsure, seek help from a professional.

Investments in the stock market may fall as well as rise and are not appropriate for investing for the short term. You may get back less than you invested. All investment carries risk and it is important you fully understand these risks and are willing to accept them. Past performance should not be seen as an indicator for future performance.

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