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I love ideas. The bigger the idea, the more excited I am and I am passionate about making those ideas come to life.

My professional interests include business strategy and operations, the quantified self, tech, blockchain, finance, SEO, design thinking, startups, and sustainable development. I also provide SEO services for small businesses

Let’s connect on Twitter or LinkedIn or send me an email and let’s talk about your project.

As an SEO consultant my job is simple, I'm here to help you get more from your website. I'll help you generate more leads, sell more products and do more business. I'll do that in a transparent way, explaining what I'm going to do and why I'm doing it. No cloak and dagger, no hollow promises.

To truly improve your site ranking it takes a bit more than building more links, you need to be sure you are attracting the right form of visitor. What I mean by this is someone who will do more than just look at your site! Only quality content will attract quality links and it's quality links that will help your site rank better and attract more of the right kind of visitors.

If you already work with a digital marketing / SEO agency but you are not sure what they are doing is correct or you just want to better understand how to monitor their progress - my agency monitoring consultancy service is perfect for you. I am able to hide away in the background to monitor the work your agency are performing and provide an unbiased review of their service. This is one of my more popular SEO consultancy services as many companies just don't understand what their agency are doing.