There's a MacGyver in all of us

Thor's Corner is YouTube channel that is worth subscribing to. I started this YouTube channel to share my random weekend projects and to inspire you to make cool stuff. For every tutorial video I do there will be a corresponding article, along with all the diagrams and code samples you'll need to build your own creations.

PHP Tutorials

The Thor's Corner youtube channel is designed to teach non-nerds how to code in the PHP language. I value quality over quantity as I only release one or two tutorials per month. This channel will teach you the basics of the PHP language. You will get everything in these videos from how to write your first PHP script to developing loops and processing HTML forms.

PHP is one of the most intuitive languages out there and it is how many of today’s generation of coders got their start. The language is exciting as its ecosystem is constantly changing and there’s no telling how much you can achieve with PHP.

Arduino Projects

I make tutorials on exciting projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and lots of cool components and sensors. On this channel you’ll learn to do the same, build robots, custom stuff for the Internet of Things (Iot) and even create things that can fly!

Feel free to contact me if you want to have a particular subject covered in one of my videos. I make tutorials based on your requests.